Valentine's Day, Weddings and Anniversaries...oh my!

Valentine's Day, Weddings and Anniversaries...oh my!

The anticipation for Christmas has quickly come to an end.  But it doesn't mean we can't have anything else to look forward to now. We look forward to 2024 as we set our goals and make a few resolutions.  Good Gift Company is looking forward to creating new products and organizing our store so that it is even easier to navigate and find the perfect gift! Our focus shifts to new and exciting things to look forward to. Not only do we have another holiday on the horizon, but many people look forward to special events, mainly weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays (maybe even the birth of a new baby!)   

Valentine's Day is such a sweet holiday.  I remember getting excited for that as a child just as much as Christmas!  I couldn't wait to do all my Valentine's Day cards for my friends at school. Back then we were allowed to have Valentine's Day Parties in the classroom.  The anticipation included Valentine's Day specials on television (remember Charlie Brown?) and decorating the house with hand-made crafts. Does anyone remember making the paper cut-out hearts with the white doilies? Things have changed, but we still celebrate in new and different ways.  Valentine's Day is not just for lovers.  It is a way to acknowledge your love for family and your love for friends. We are consistently adding to our collection as we speak.  We have gifts for significant others (soulmate, spouse, fiancée,), parents and grandparents, sons and daughters, besties, teachers....and even our beloved pets.  We also have a line specifically for those who do not enjoy Valentine's Day.  Check out our "Anti-Valentine Products.  While many of our products express the perfect way to say "I love you," we also have some funny gag gifts that may lean towards the naughty side as well.  

As stated before, we are a family-run business.  We use our experiences to create the best products.  Christmas time is notorious for couples to get engaged.  Now the fun begins!  Our daughter got engaged last Christmas and in January we started planning.  She gets married in 2 weeks!  There is more than one thinks when it comes to planning a wedding.  We have been able to use our experience over the past year to develop and create products that will be needed for every aspect of wedding planning. Valentine's Day is also a big day for proposals.  We have you covered.  We have proposal accessories and decor, engagement party decor, and even apparel.  Bridal shower accessories are a must...and don't forget all the things needed for the bachelor and bachelorette parties!  We are also building a huge selection of bridal party gifts. Many products can be personalized which adds that extra special touch to let the bridal party know how much they are appreciated.  

Finally....our third main focus is all about anniversaries, birthdays, and babies!  These are all very special moments that we love to celebrate.  We have many gift ideas for these special events. Personalizing is our specialty.  We are constantly monitoring the trends so that we can supply exactly what you are looking for.  We invite you to browse through our shop.  Keep coming back because we add new products daily.  As always, we offer free standard shipping on all products.  Take advantage of our store-wide 30% off sale. Please join our email list so we can keep you up to date with our latest products. 

We would like to take this time to wish everyone many blessings for 2024.  Happy New Year from our family to yours! 

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